Taking My Own Advice

Maybe it’s the fantasy element that tulle skirts seem to create, or maybe it’s the reality that tulle skirts don’t really have a super practical place in [this] working mom’s wardrobe, but I find no fashion piece more dreamy!

Skirt:  eShakti custom (Sold out on-line; Similar here and here)

For today’s look, I wanted to play up the soft pink color by adding pastel blue and soft neutrals.  I also wanted to take a leap out of my comfort zone by adding a crop top.

Blazer:  The Limited
Crop top:  Forever 21 (Sold out on-line; Similar in black here)
Clutch:  Titanic Museum Shop, Branson, MO
Bracelets – right arm:  LOFT (Sold out on-line; Similar here)
Shoes:  Target (old)

This isn’t the first time I wore a crop top, but before I only showed a sliver of skin and I chose a more concealing style of top.  My soft tummy is the body part about which I’m least confident.  While I have accepted my belly and can appreciate the fact that it once held two babies, I don’t necessarily love the idea of showing it off. 

Earrings:  Ixora Boutique (Sold out on-line; Similar here and here)
Necklace:  The Limited (old)

But, as I have said on the blog before, practice makes perfect and “fake it ’til you make it”!  My body love is still a work in progress, and today, I’m following my own advice. 

Bracelet – left hand:  New York & Company

Would you wear a tulle skirt?  A crop top?

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Author: Cassie

I'm the owner/publisher of Style Cassentials, a curvy and petite gal OBSESSED with fashion and strong believer in making clothes work for YOU! I love sharing advice on all things fashion, especially shopping and fit tips!

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  1. That clutch is awesome! I love wood carved everything and you are making me REALLY want to push myself out of my comfort zone and try a crop top, I just think my pudge
    would squeeze out like biscuit dough lol.

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  2. I LOVE this look! We totally share that love of tulle skirts. 😉 One of my favorite looks is a crop top + high-waisted skirt, so I adore this whole situation.

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  3. Tulle skirts are so very dreamy and I love them. I think yours is gorgeous, I love the color and how it's a pastel and reminds me of a ballerina tutu. But yeah I like how you paired it with the crop top and the blazer it works really well together. Oh and that clutch is everything, its awesome! I feel you on the crop top because I have also worn a few and I also only show slivers of my belly but it is also still one the places where I'm least comfortable in. But I think it helps me because when I wear one and find nothing happens then it makes me realize it's not as big of a deal that I make it.


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  4. I've worn a crop top a few times and enjoyed feeling a little breeze on my mid-section. I like the idea of a tulle skirt, but like you, I don't know how practical it is for my job. Love this outfit and the blazer works great with it.

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  5. You are rocking the crop top and tulle skirt! Fantastic accessories too!

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  6. Very lovely, dreamy-style outfit… with that Cassandra touch, of course! The skirt is my favorite piece of this outfit, but I also adore the blazer and the cropped top. Fine sandals to go with this outfit. I admire your creativity with this outfit.


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  7. Thanks Kisha! You should totally try a crop top! As long as it's not too tight, you won't have that issue! 🙂

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  8. Thanks Nina! I can't believe I found the clutch at a museum shop. It was the only one they had.
    Exactly on the belly baring – don't know why I make it such a big deal!

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