Style Cassentials 5 Year Re-Cap Part 1: A Look Back At YOUR Favorite Posts

With my five-year blogiversary this past Sunday, I thought it would be fun to look back at the blog over the years and to reflect on what has changed, what I think I have done well, where I have improved, and the direction I would like to move my blog in the future.  Some of this is coming later this week, but for today, I wanted to start with looking back at my most popular posts on the blog – these are the posts that received the most attention from YOU, my dear readers!

It’s not always clear to me what makes a post more popular than another – Was the blog content particularly useful that day?  Was it the photos/outfit that I was wearing?  Was the post shared a lot on social media?  Was it shared by a more popular blog site?  All of these are factors, but maybe there’s more to it?

In any case, these were the ten most popular posts on Style Cassentials over the last 5 years:

#10  Double-Duty Tunic, 6/17/2014
This tunic was a favorite piece in my closet for a couple years, and I still love the mix of greens with soft grey and black! 
#9  Fall 2012 Fashion Trends:  Black and Winter White, 8/20/2012
I love exploring runway trends and finding the trends that make the most sense for my life.  Whether the color combination is trendy or just a tried-and-true classic, black and white/winter white will always be a favorite of mine.  The color combination is graphic and clean and my favorite way to mix prints. (Photo:  3.1 Phillip Lim look, Source:
#8  Size Doesn’t Matter, 6/28/2014
In this post, I explored the problematic sizing system for women’s clothing and the related problem of getting hung up the size of our clothing. As I said then and say now, buy whatever size fits and don’t focus on the size tags.  The size in your clothing is NOT a reflection of your worth.
#7  Black Pants for Work:  I Adore Me, 2/4/2014
My go-to work uniform back in 2014 was definitely black pants with a soft blouse and a blazer.  It’s still a look I love!  This post was an ode to self-love and how daily affirmations can help us remind ourselves of just how adorable and worthy we are!
#6  Imitation Game:  The Blogger Midi, 3/6/2016
This midi skirt is still one of my favorites, and it was definitely popular on the blogger circuit!  The graphic design and great color combination make this a bold and fun choice, and a moto jacket makes everything just a little bit cooler.
#5  Manic Monday:  9 to 5 Color, 1/9/2017
This color palette and double pleats (on top and bottom) made for a pretty combo.  I love how the belt and booties tie look together!
#4  Unconditional Body Beautiful – Part 4:  My Belly and Me, 4/19/2015
In 2015, I participated in the #UnconditionalBodyBeautiful series with other bloggers.  Through this series, we explored our body image in great depth.  This series was popular and made three of the top four spots!  This one was all about our bellies. I still struggle with full acceptance and love of my tummy, but I have a much greater appreciation of all of my body than I did for most of my life.  And also, this outfit is FIRE!
#3  Unconditional Body Beautiful – Part 1:  My Body and I From The Beginning, 1/21/2015
The first of the #UnconditionalBodyBeautiful series, this post explored my complex and changing relationship with my body over the years.  Work in progress.  Always and forever. And I’m totally okay with that.
#2  Unconditional Body Beautiful – Part 9:  My Face Is Up Here, 9/18/2015
The most popular of my #UnconditionalBodyBeautiful posts was all about my face!  This was the first time I talked publicly about my lazy eye. While it may seem like a minor issue, my “crazy eye” as I affectionately call it had been a source of angst at different times in my life and it’s part of me that I had kept fairly private until this post.
And drumroll please….. This was your favorite post of all time!

#1 Fashion Favorites:  Black Blazers, 20 Ways!, 1/22/2014
Black blazers are an amazing staple wardrobe staple.  They look great for work, evenings, weekends and more.  My most popular post of all time was a round-up of just 20 of the ways I have styled black blazers.
Whew!  Five years has really flown by!!!  I can’t wait to see what the next five years bring!

Did any of your favorite posts make the cut?

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