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If you have followed my blog posts for a while, you probably have noticed that I’m usually smiling. There is a reason for this!  While I try not to compare myself to others, I am sometimes mildly envious of those bloggers who always seem to nail moody or artsy looking photos or those who have mastered that Tyra Banks “smize.” Their photos always seem a little more editorial.  I have practiced tons of photos without smiles, and I almost always feel like I look strange.  So, I smile.
Smiling is not always something I did so freely.  Growing up, I had really crooked teeth. I had too many teeth for my small mouth, and as a result, my canine teeth grew out of my upper gums.  My bottom teeth were crooked and had a malocclusion (tooth that grew in front of another tooth).  I didn’t feel embarrassed of my teeth, but I wasn’t exactly proud of them either.
I ended up having four teeth pulled and had braces for about two years.  After I finally got my braces removed, I was really excited to finally have straight teeth!

Since then, I noticed that somewhere along the way people had started complimenting me on my smile.  Over the years, I gained a lot more confidence in my smile, and I now find that I just naturally smile often.
Because I take so many photos of myself smiling, I tend to really notice when my teeth are getting a little yellow.  I always use whitening toothpastes, but I have never had my teeth professionally whitened or tried any at-home whitening treatments.  I am a certified Diet Coke addict, and I am sure that my caffeine addiction contributes to a certain degree of accelerated teeth discoloration.
Lately, I noticed that I had been steering away from darker lip colors, especially reds.  I felt like they were accentuating the yellow tint to my teeth, so I was subconsciously sticking with softer shades.

When Smile Brilliant reached out to me about trying their at-home customized teeth whitening kit, it seemed like perfect timing!  I eagerly accepted the opportunity to try out a kit as I have always been curious about the process of teeth whitening, and I was excited about the chance to get a brighter smile from the comfort of my own home!  As a vegetarian, it was also very important to me that Smile Brilliant is vegan and cruelty-free.The process started with the creation of impressions (molds) of my teeth. Once I had created the impressions, I sent them back to Smile Brilliant with the postage-paid mailer provided.  Within a week or so, I received my custom-fit trays and was ready to begin the whitening process. I was a little nervous about the teeth whitening process at first, but it turned out to be really easy.  I inserted the whitening gel into the custom whitening trays and relaxed for 45 minutes to 3 hours while my teeth got whiter.  A de-sensitizing gel used for about 15 minutes after each whitening session helped ensure a totally comfortable process.

After about ten nightly/semi-nightly treatments, I was done!  The system was really easy to use, and I was really impressed with the results.
Smile Brilliant takes your teeth to YOUR natural level of whiteness, so my teeth don’t feel excessively white. Just my best me!  And that is definitely something worth smiling about!
What else is worth smiling about?  I get to share Smile Brilliant with you!

Want to try a customized teeth whitening kit for yourself?

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How to Whiten Your Teeth

Have more questions about the Smile Brilliant teeth whitening process?  Feel free to ask!  I’ll be here smiling!  😀
**This is a sponsored post.  Product was exchanged for my honest feedback. As always, all opinions and content are 100% my own.

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