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Did you know?  Plus size women in St. Louis have an amazing ally in the Fluffy GRL Movement.  Started by Ebbi Nicole, the Fluffy GRL concept was created while Ebbi Nicole was a student at the University of Missouri-Columbia.  Growing up being bullied, she wanted to create a program to nurture body confidence, self-esteem, and empowerment.
While the focus is on on young women, ages 21-35, Fluffy GRL also works with younger women and girls to educate women on how the media gets it wrong about plus size women and about how to change the narrative and write your own story for your life.  By educating women through workshops and one-on-one coaching, Ebbi Nicole hopes to teach women the tools to empower themselves and others to live their best lives possible.
Through her social media platforms, Fluffy GRL movement offers tips on a range of topics geared towards building self-esteem and moving women forward.  For example, she suggested trying something out of your comfort zone, like zip lining, rocking a crop top, or even pole dancing!  She says allow your haters to be motivators.
The reality is that no matter how amazing and fabulous you are, no matter how thin, curvy, whatever, there is someone out there who is likely going to hate.  Everybody, and I mean everybody, has critics.  So, instead of allowing those people to bring us down, Fluffy GRL offers tips on how to use that negativity in a positive way.

Fluffy GRL has encouraged local stores to offer more body inclusive fashion, and she offers a #BodyTalk series in which she engages in conversations with women on a variety of body-related topics such as sexuality, diversity in the modeling industry, and more.  And, Fluffy GRL isn’t just about self-empowerment.  It’s also about women helping other women.  During the holidays, chief FLUFFivist Ebbi Nicole collected donations of feminine hygiene products to be delivered to women at local homeless shelters.
I absolutely love this concept of women lifting other women up.  We’re encouraged to compete for everything, but ultimately, we are stronger together.  You hear that – WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER!

I believe this so much, and I love everything that Ebbi Nicole is doing.  This past Saturday, I attended the official launch event of the Fluffy GRL Movement.  Six years in the making, Ebbi Nicole officially launched this weekend with an effort to expand her reach, to engage in more organic dialogue both within the community and on the internet, and to help more women to love their bodies and themselves!
The event was really great with a fun networking activity that encouraged introverted wallflowers like me to step out of our comfort zones and interact with the other attendees.  The space was decorated beautifully and very intentionally with “fluffy” rugs, balloons, and tabletop decorations and an amazing spread of “fluffy” doughnuts and other bites on hand.
Want to learn more and get in on the Fluffy GRL movement?  Follow Fluffy GRL on Facebook and on Instagram to stay connected and to join the Fluffy GRL Movement!!  And of course, check out the web site www.EmpowerTheFluff.com to learn more.

Also, check out this YouTube video to learn more about the evolution of the Fluffy GRL movement!

I wore this cute pants suit to the event.  I had planned on going without the jacket, but my skin was peeling from a nasty sunburn (yuck!).  Inspired by Fluffy GRL, I decided to lose the jacket for a photo though because at the end of the day, it’s just a sunburn. 🙂
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