Fashion Favorites 2: Bright Swing Dress, 10 Ways

I have several swing dresses from the Eva Mendes for New York & Company line.  The “Sabrina” dress appears in new colors with every collection, and it’s a real favorite of mine. 

In addition to the red and yellow versions featured here today, I also have this style dress in black and leopard print.  I RARELY buy multiples of the same style, but I just love the comfortable shape of these dresses.

The yellow version is my favorite of the four.  The pretty bold hue looks great with a variety of neutrals and other colors.  Yellow gets a bad rap as a color that is hard to wear, but it’s all about finding the right shade for you.  The saffron color works for my skin tone, but a lemon, banana, canary, or mustard may work better for you.

I find these dresses surprisingly versatile, and I just love the way they look on their own or paired with tights and jackets for colder weather.

Here are some of the ways I’ve styled these bright swing dresses:

For Spring with Bare Legs and a Graphic Tote

Color and Confidence:  Yellow

Mixing Red & Gold/Yellow

From left to right:  Yellow & Red; To Belt or Not To Belt

With Cognac Moto Jackets

From left to right:  11 Twenty Eight Designs; Color and Confidence:  Yellow

With Printed Tights

From left to right:  Winter Bites; Taxi Cab Confessions

For Evening

Holiday Double Feature:  Red & Green

For Work With Neutrals and a Structured Blazer

From left to right:  Bzzzz…Black and Yellow Aren’t Just for Bumblebees!!; Saffron and Navy

Swing dresses get a bad wrap because they can be a little shapeless.  This style isn’t a dress to show off your curves, but it is super comfortable and easy for a range of situations.  One is a bold color makes it that much more of a fashion favorite!

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