About Me

Hi and welcome to my blog!

My name is Cassandra.  I have loved fashion my entire life, but I have also been presented with several style challenges.  I’m short (4’9″), an in-betweenie (between straight sizes and plus sizes), and have small but wide feet.  All in all, I’m pretty much the Anti-Fashion Model.  🙂

This site is dedicated to all women who love fashion but are generally overlooked by the mainstream industry.

I work a “regular” job with a more conservative dress code.  I continually look for ways to have fun with my style in a way that also still looks professional.  My fashion sense tends to be modern classic with a twist.  I love structured blazers and neutrals, but I am continually inspired by pieces that are edgy and romantic.

Whatever YOUR personal style, I hope that you will enjoy the site’s featured fashion, fit and tailoring tips, ideas on where to shop, and body positivity.

I also hope you feel inspired to get into the discussion.  Comment on my posts, and let’s dish!!